The services included in our home sale package

Included in Your Home Sale Package

‘For sale’ board

‘For sale’ boards are an excellent way to let the local area know that your house is up for sale. Statistics indicate that around 80% of people move only nine roads away from their current home, so you shouldn’t neglect the opportunity to market your property to people who live nearby.

Your ‘for sale’ board with CoastNCountry will show our office details, and we’ll deliver and erect the board outside your property – so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Social media campaign

Social networks are powerful channels for spreading the word about properties for sale. We’ll make the most of our own social media to promote your property to those who are especially likely to be interested in buying property in Lancaster and the Bay area.

EPC certificate

All homes on the market now require an Energy Performance Certificate, otherwise known as an EPC certificate; we’ll provide this as part of our Standard Package.

An EPC is a rating awarded to a property that provides the homeowner and potential tenant(s) with an indication of its energy efficiency.
You are legally required to have an EPC for any home you sell. A new EPC is required once every 10 years, unless you have made significant changes to the property, such as adding new insulation and replacing radiators.

Help with the mortgage valuation or home buyer’s survey

If your buyer has a mortgage valuation or home buyer’s survey carried out on your property, we will provide your contact details to the surveyors for access. If the survey comes back lower than market value, we will help you renegotiate.


You will need a conveyancer to act for you. To get this process moving more quickly, we can recommend or put you in contact with a trusted local conveyancer. We can also advise on pertinent questions to ask if you prefer to select your own provider.


If required, we can put you in contact with a local and award-winning mortgage broker. It’s all part of CoastNCountry’s broader focus on high-quality, customer-focused expert advice that you can trust.


Once your property is live, let us know when you do and don’t want viewings to be carried out. Then sit back, relax, and let our team do the rest.


So, you have an offer for your property – that’s wonderful news! Our team will help advise you through the negotiation process so you get the best price possible.. Once you accept an offer, our team will send you information regarding the next steps.


Once both conveyancers are satisfied, both sides will sign a contract, which will then be exchanged. It is at this point that you will be legally bound to the sale of the property. This usually happens a week before completion.


Finally, completion is here! You will receive a call from your conveyancer to say that the sale is completed and you can move out. Keys are exchanged directly between yourself and the buyer.